Alice + Luke

Town Hall Wedding

edinburgh wedding photography

Alice and Luke got in touch to ask me to shoot their wedding at Islington Town Hall with their reception in the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green.  I always love a city wedding and Islington Town Hall really is one of the best I regularly shoot in.

I knew from their engagement shoot that Alice and Luke were my favourite kind of clients – relaxed, friendly and just a little bit crazy!  Getting ready was fun and, as soon as I opened the door to Alice’s twin sister (whose wedding I’m shooting later this year) I knew it was going to be a wedding to remember for all the right reasons.  Alice was up for taking some portraits down a fire escape, and they rocked their portrait shoots as we wandered around blocks of flats to find the greatest urban backdrops.  I can’t wait to see your families again later in the year!

fun wedding photography edinburgh

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Emily + Chris

Farm Engagement Shoot

edinburgh engagement shoot

Emily and Chris love walking their huskies in farmland near where they live, so when they said they wanted to get their beautiful dogs involved in the shoot it was something I couldn’t say no to!

I’m very much a dog, rather than cat, person but nothing could prepare me for just how beautiful their huskies were, and so very strong as well!  It was quite important for me to get to know them a little as Emily and Chris wanted to have some shots with them on the wedding day too.  It was a little chilly, but the farm buildings made for some lovely backdrops, and Emily and Chris’ smiles certainly warmed the day up as well.  Their wedding at the stunning Down Hall will be featured very soon!


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Rob + Georgia

Engagement Shoot

edinburgh wedding photographer

Rob and Georgia aren’t getting married yet but were interested in having a shoot with them and their son, so although it’s not something I usually do, I was persuaded to head down to Hampstead and shoot the three of them!  It was a lovely sunny morning and all three were naturals in front of the camera and it’s always an exciting challenge shooting children for me!

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