Louise + Ben

Olympic Engagement Shoot

edinburgh wedding photography

I first met Louise and Ben for a consultation meeting that turned into a few glasses of wine.  After that I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding and were delighted when they asked me to do so!

Of course, I already knew I would like them as Ben works at one of the architecture firms from where I have shot many a wedding now!  All of these weddings have had delightful, fun couples and I wasn’t surprised Louise and Ben shared a similar outlook on the world!  We met at Hackney Wick and walked around the Olympic site in London’s East End for a great urban engagement shoot.  There’s a lot of interesting backdrops to use around the area and, sharing a similar sense of humour, the expressions in the photos are great too!

fun engagement photography in edinburgh

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Nadia + David

Royal Exchange Wedding

using a walk in edinburgh for relaxed wedding photos

I had my first chat with David and Nadia while I was sitting in Edinburgh and they were in their apartment in Toronto.  They were planning a London wedding (David is English) and wanted to book me as their wedding photographer.

They wanted a traditional London wedding as David’s parents were married in the same East End church, and many of Nadia’s relatives hadn’t visited the city before.  Her hotel room had the perfect view of Big Ben and I’m sure really gave all her family an amazingly fantastic London experience.  After the lovely ceremony at St. Dunstan and All Saints Church in Stepney, we headed back into the city for a reception at the decadent Royal Exchange by Bank station.  We managed to stop for some portraits by the Thames South Bank where the sheer joy of their faces made me realise how much I enjoy being a happiness-catcher as a wedding photographer!

Nadia & David - Wedding-1844

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Gab + Matt

Blackheath Engagement Shoot

edinburgh wedding photography

I don’t know if it’s just luck, but pretty much all of my couples are always so down to earth and easy to shoot.  Gab and Matt are no exception and their engagement shoot on Blackheath was adorable and blessed with awesome early evening light as we shot against the London skyline.

Although I’ve now moved to Edinburgh, Blackheath was my final destination in London and I’d never had a chance to shoot there, so I was delighted when Gab and Matt said it was somewhere they’d be happy to have theirs around.  It’s a special little place with lots of hidden wild areas, and with Greenwich Park a short walk away we managed to get some shots with the iconic skyline in the distance.  As you can see from the shots, I love combining a bit of urban (usually council estates!) and greenery like in the park.  In the end though, it’s always about the expression and I think Gab and Matt gave me lots of great ones to work with!

edinburgh engagement shoot

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