I am now fully back from my travels in India and Las Vegas, and throwing myself straight back into work. This week saw the commencement of the first 2012 Trained Eye Academy programme, and I am delighted to be seeing 6 new wedding photographers through starting their businesses!

It also means I’m blogging a few special weddings from last year I wanted to hold back until the New Year, and the first is Ben and Julies wedding at the opulent Woburn Sculpture Garden.

It is a lovely venue, but I’m sure with Ben’s contacts he could have made a garden shed look amazing! In the morning it felt Ben’s colleagues and friends were preparing the reception room for a small rock gig – there was a specially constructed stage to put up, and a lighting design team to make sure the mood was right for the evening band.

With a theatrical theme, luckily there was no drama for Ben and Julie as they took their vows while the sun shone gloriously for them. Of course, everyone rocked out in the evening to celebrate a beautifully perfect day.


3 thoughts on “Wedding – Ben & Julie, Woburn Sculpture Garden

  1. Gorgeous shots David, I love all the lens flare going on and the band shots look terrific. I can’t wait to get going with the Academy next month!

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