Laura + Scott

Blake Hall Wedding

blake hall wedding portrait

One of the biggest compliments I can be paid is to be asked back to shoot another wedding in the same family – and I’m lucky that it’s something I’m often asked to do!  I’ve shot sisters, brothers and cousins of the same family, so when Graham’s sister Laura asked me to shoot their wedding at Blake Hall I was delighted to be able to say I was available.  Arriving at a wedding like this is just like seeing old friends and it was lovely to catch up with everybody.

Laura asked for a recommendation for a make-up artist too so I was ecstatic she booked the most wonderful Katy who is not only a great make-up artist but the most fun person to spend a morning with!  Laura and Scott chose Blake Hall for their venue as it offered the relaxing vibe of a barn but also the option of having an outdoor ceremony.  It was a bit touch and go in the morning with a few spits of rain but when the sun came out the decision was made and guests began assembling outside the barn to see the bride and groom.  It is such a lovely way to have a ceremony more couples should consider it!  I love it when couples get emotional and this was no exception – however the real tears came during the speeches when Scott made such a lovely speech that included different guests holding up lines from their favourite film, Love Actually.  I even had a little tear too!

natural wedding photography

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Toulouse Engagement Shoot

Sophie + Mark

london engagement shoot

Sophie and Mark live in France and contacted me to ask if I could shoot their wedding in Southwell Minster after I shot a friend of Mark’s sister a couple of years ago.  I wasn’t quite sure where we would od the engagement shoot at the time as Mark is busy pilot and they live in the French city of Toulouse.  After going through a few dates to see who was where and free they just asked if I’d rather come to Toulouse and shoot in the city and countryside nearby.  I didn’t much  persuading to give a resounding YES to that!

I’d never been to Toulouse so was pleased that timings meant I was able to stay a few days and explore the city as well as shoot their engagement session.  The old streets and buildings provided a great backdrop for shots as we explored around the beautiful area they are lucky to live in.  After that we headed off into the countryside and found some lovely fields of sunflowers to shoot in as well.  Going to new places is always inspiring and there’s subtle differences in the light, architecture and colours that helps it look different from what we can shoot in the UK.  Sophie and Mark were so easy to work with and it was lovely spending a few days to get to know them as well.  I also found one of my favourite tea shops – Kusmi tea – had a branch in the city so I was able to stock up on some tea before heading back to the UK!

creative wedding photography

Although most engagement shoots are in the UK if you are planning a break before your wedding, or would just like to shoot somewhere a little different, I can usually arrange a European engagement shoot for a small supplement to your wedding photography collection.  Just send me an email or let me know if it’s something you would like!

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Islington Town Hall Wedding

Shannon + Henry

london wedding photography

All weddings are not the same – some are big, and some – like Shannon and Henry’s – are a more intimate affair.  They decided to make their commitment to each other on a sunny London weekday with just them, daughter Elspeth, and two friends as witnesses.  It’s always lovely to shoot an intimate wedding like this and usually it gives lots of extra time for shooting some wedding portraits – as you can see Elspeth – as chief bridesmaid – was keen to get in on the act too!

We met at Exmouth Market before the wedding to do the shots as it’s near where the couple live and they wanted to capture one of their favourite places on their wedding day.  The park beside Exmouth market was a great little gem of a place with a few interesting structures to use.  Wedding photos before the ceremony are usually a big no-no here in the UK but if you’d like the same kind of thing you ca always consider a first look instead.  It was fun having Elspeth around and my assistant Sara managed to keep her under control while Shannon and Henry were in front of the camera!  We then moved to Islington Town Hall – which I think is the nicest of all the London Town Halls – where their friends were waiting in the Mayor’s room for the ceremony.  Being part of a small ceremony like this is always an honour when you realise that these will be the only photographs the couple have of their day and what their family will see!

intimate wedding photography

If you are planning a smaller wedding please do get in touch as I can offer bespoke pricing for intimate midweek weddings!

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